Pondemonium 2014

The McCannon Farm's existing pond is in desperate need of a proper circulation and filtration system in order to increase water quality and decrease the time-consuming maintenance of debris and algae removal.

Aquascape, out of St. Charles, Illinois, as part of its annual Pondemonium project,will install an intake bay to house submersible pumps and pump vaults, thereby acting as a skimmer system to collect floating debris. Several pumps will distribute the water to strategic locations for maximum circulation while a large, constructed wetland filter will handle excess nutrients in the pond, along with a series of circulation jets.

We'll build a dramatic waterfall into a large berm along the back of the pond, creating a spectacular backdrop for the pavilion and seating areas. In addition, we'll add several areas of rock outcroppings along the shoreline which will add visual interest to the pond while creating viewing areas for the farm's visitors.