Our Mission...

A center for family and community to come together in a rural setting. A facility for recreational and therapeutic programs for people with unique needs in learning, communication, behavioral, social, or emotional challenges.

Our Goal...

To educate and involve families and community in the natural environment in order to accomplish our mission, and to enable people with special needs to achieve their highest levels of independence.

"Support Makes a Difference"

What We Do

Animal Encounters

Interactions with animals is well documented as a positive type of therapy for many. We currently have chickens at the farm and will be adding to our collection each season. Other animals will be visiting each week to have a fun "encounter" with our guests.


From planting gardens to building bird feeders, our guests always enjoy an interactive, creative experience on the farm. Each workshop also has an opportunity to volunteer, which allows everyone the joy of giving.

Educational Seminars and Retreats

Are you affiliated with a support group or professional organization that serves people with unique needs? Call us to discuss using The Farm to hold your meeting, seminar, or off-site retreat. It will be a great opportunity for us to learn more about each other.

Where We Are Heading

Equestrian Therapy Center

Creating an Equestrian Therapy Center is one of our dreams for the future. Therapeutic riding is beneficial to children and adults with a wide range of cognitive, physical, and emotional conditions.

Respite Care (Farm Friends Retreats)

Respite care is short-term care that helps a family take a break from the daily routine of caring for a loved one. Our goal is to be able to offer these much-needed retreats as resources allow.

Who We Are


Ted and Susan McCannon

Board of Directors

  • Frank McCannon III–President
  • Lisa Jacino–Secretary
  • James MacIntosh–Treasurer
  • Ron D'Avena–Director
  • Kimberly Willman–Director
  • Ellen Beaulieu–Director